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Harrisonburg DUI Defense Lawyer

At Armentrout & Armentrout, P.L.C., we assist individuals and students throughout Virginia facing alcohol- and drug-related charges. This includes:

  • DUI/DWI and drunk driving charges
  • Underage drinking charges
  • Drug possession and possession with intent to sell
  • Distribution charges
  • Manufacturing charges

Harrisonburg DUI Defense Attorney

Rarely does the prosecution put together an airtight DUI case. Often there are issues in police protocol that can be scrutinized to determine if your rights were violated during the arrest. By law, there are guidelines by which law enforcement can make a potential arrest. If these are not followed correctly, the case can be thrown out or charges reduced.

  • The Initial Stop – Many times police officers make mistakes, pulling individuals over illegally or without probable cause.
  • Field Sobriety Test – We will evaluate the dash cam, your account and the account of others to determine if the field sobriety test was administered correctly. Mistakes can cause this evidence to be disqualified in court.
  • Breathalyzer and Blood Tests – The equipment used to evaluate your blood alcohol content (BAC), whether through a Breathalyzer or blood test, is often inaccurate due to either calibration issues or mistakes in administration by law enforcement. This can also cause the results to be thrown out.

If there are any mitigating factors, our lawyers will use them to help maintain your license and keep you out of jail. Many times, we are able to present your case with prepared sentencing alternatives, such as community service. We understand the importance of your license to your independence and to your job, and we will advocate aggressively on your behalf to see that you are allowed to keep it.

Staunton Drug Crime Attorney

We are equipped to defend our clients against drug charges, whether simple possession charges or more serious distribution charges.

We are prepared to represent all cases in both state and federal court. We have the experience and understanding to achieve the best possible outcome in the matter for our clients.

To arrange a initial consultation to discuss the drug or alcohol charges you face, please contact our office today at 540-908-4523.

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