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Harrisonburg Social Security Disability Benefits Attorney

At Armentrout & Armentrout, P.L.C., we are committed to guiding clients throughout Virginia through the complex process of applying for and receiving Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security benefits, guiding you at every step in the process.

Harrisonburg Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer

We will assist you in the preparation of your application, which must be filed at your Social Security Administration office. If this claim is denied, you can request an appeal. There is a significant waiting period in the appeals process, and we will guide you through the process of determining how you will provide for your needs during this time. There are various options available to you, and we will educate you on the alternatives that are best for you and your specific situation.

In the appeal, you can appear in a hearing before a judge. We will stand beside you in court, thoroughly preparing your claim for the hearing and the best possible presentation to the judge. This is the most important step and where many claims end, either favorably or unfavorably.

If you are still denied, you have the option to appeal the matter to the U.S. District Court and then to the Circuit Court of Appeals. We are prepared to represent your interests at all levels, fighting on your behalf.

The sooner you involve a skilled SSDI and SSI attorney, the better. The involvement of representation will impact which evidence can be submitted in court as well as the potential success of your claim at each step.

A statement from your doctor may not be sufficient evidence in your injury. We understand the medical facts and opinions needed to help persuade the administrative law judge of the severity of your disability.

Staunton SSI Lawyer

We are also equipped to represent the interests of those pursuing Supplement Security Insurance benefits. Unlike those receiving SSDI benefits who have worked a sufficient number of years paying into the system, those eligible for SSI benefits do not have sufficient work history.

We are also knowledgeable of all of the details that must be accounted for at every step of the process, positioning you for the most successful outcome possible in the matter.

We are committed to helping you receive the benefits you are entitled to after years of paying into the system. We are on your side, dedicated to zealously advocating on your behalf.

To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your case and the options available to you, please contact our law firm today at 540-908-4523.

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